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Bradys International Hardwall mixes easily with water to form a lightweight interior plaster render.  Using clean containers and clean water, simply combine Bradys International Hardwall with a quality rock lime putty and sufficient water to achieve your required consistency. Allow to soak for approximately 3 minutes before using a mechanical mixer to achieve a smooth, clean mix.

Bradys International Hardwall has a setting time of 60-90 minutes, although this time may vary depending on background surface, temperature, humidity and site conditions.

Bradys International Hardwall can be applied to either traditional clay bricks or to autoclave aerated concrete bricks and blocks in both residential and commercial buildings.  It should be applied with a hand trowel using long, upward strokes to a dry surface free from dust and loose particles.

  • IMPROVED formula
  • EASIER to apply
  • CONSISTENT setting time
  • THE trades choice
  • PROVEN reliability

All products are available in one tonne bags on request, please contact us for details.

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